Camera Car Scotland

We supply tracking vehicle facilities.

We can get your production a great deal on Motocrane Ultra packages and can supply Camera Cars and insert trailers. We work closely with specialist camera tracking specialists and can accommodate most requirements.

Global Grips Presents the Big Block Beast.

Chevrolet C3500 camera car and insert vehicle ,

with air suspension process insert low loader vehicle trailer available. And A Frame tow package.


V8 7.4 chevy Automatic Transmission c3500.

3500lbs payload.

150 inch lwb double cab pick up.


rear axle drive with limited slip posi drive differential

Firestine Air ride adjustable Suspension with automatic cross compensation valving.

On board 7kw generator.

Multiple Crane Anchor points for attaching GFM Crane or Giraffe Classic or Compact on the rear platform or on the roof platform.

Multiple tie down rail system for attachment of kit and safety harnessing to the deck. Multi configuration alloy scaff tube and speed rail connections. Rear 3ft extension dive board which can also be attached on the front of the vehicle where appropriate.

We can supply all manner of camera mounting options. Including gas pedestals with horizontal vibration Isolator