We Provide Camera Cranes and Remote heads in scotland.

In current inventory we have the excellent Grip Factory Munich GF-9 system with up to 31ft of reach and lens height. It carries the TUV sudetenland safety stamp and is versatile and compact. It travels in a regular lwb van. Available with up to 71ft of GFM track.

A range of remote heads are available depending on Specification required. from the excellent PowerPod Prime 3 axis stabilised to Egripment Hot heads, Hot shots and Scanners. We also can supply the Aurora KFX LT. Many of these remote heads are controlled by desk or wheels handles as per industry standard. Though we can at extra cost supply a pan bar system for many of the heads.

We carry in inventory the Scorpio Classic head which is 2 or 3 axis and wheels or pan bar operated.

The Dynamic Mounts mega3 head with wheels

And the PowerPod Prime 3 axis Stabilised remote head.

We can also tech and supply Flight Head Apex mini and Scorpio 4 axis.

We carry the Dynamic Mounts International MegaMount 3 axis remote system to utilise with our Giraffe Classic and Compact together with Telescopic cranes.

This 3 axis remote system is a nodal 360′ Dutch roll head that is dynamically balanced, will take any size of camera package, provide a rigid and stable mount with incredibly accurate response and unrivalled accuracy with what many feel are the some of the nicest hand wheels available. Its waterproof, has no drift and has unrivalled accuracy with 1 million counts of resolution per full rotation on pan and tilt. Its industry success speaks for itself.

We also have the Filmair Giraffe Classic ride on and remote modular crane. It will lift a 100kg camera and remote head package at 31ft. Its the go anywhere do anything crane with massive cinema provenance having worked on thousands of features since it was first designed and built by the grip on Zulu in 1964. Since then it has been the backbone of many a grip department down the years until the recent prevalence of telescopic cranes.

Its still a world class movie crane and together with the Mega Mount 3 remote head that we have, its a real winner.

It will mount any Stabilised or non Stabilised system.

The Giraffe comes with 74ft of 3ft3″ wide filmair crane track.

In Addition to this we also carry the Filmair Giraffe Compact.

This highly efficient smaller brother to the classic punches hard at the competition.

It also comes with 36ft of Filmair wide gauge Crane track, though it will ride on narrow gauge moy or similar if required but only when using a remote head system.

With a short backend for a smaller foot print this vesatile Crane can man ride at 16ft and lift a 100kg remote head and camera package at 23ft reach. Its a real champ.

Additionallly we carry an Egripment Piccolo studio Crane which man rides at about 9ft reach and remote head reach of 14ft reach. It fits in a regular van no problem goes on standard gauge track and is a versatile tool. Any remote system can be mounted as its payload is 100kg.

Cranes Available to order from our associate companies include the

Supertechno 15, 22, 30 and 50.

MB45 45′ MovieBird telescopic crane.

And the GF16 55ft reach modular crane.

See links for crane specs.