Egripment Scanner Remote System

Alexa Mini with Fuji Cabrio 19-90 courtesy of progressive broadcast hire. Scanner head plugs directly into this hybrid broadcast eng/film style lens..

The Scanner.

Our Starting point remote head system to provide a remote head system as a better equivalent to the venerable Jimmy Jib remote. This robust system comes from Egripment in Holland and is renowned for its high quality performance. Our Scanner head has been upgraded to Elite Standard with an upgrade to the final drive belts.

The Scanner system is mounted using the standard Moy Mitchell fitting. So can be placed anywhere or on any crane with this mount.

Scanner can be operated one man like a Jimmy Jib with Joystick and zoom and focus on pistol grip controls. Or can be two man op’d utilising the excellent Egripment Wheels interface.

The best working Payload of the Scanner is for around 15kg camera packages. it is best if the length of the camera package is kept to a minimum. (It helps running the camera power from the head).It works fantastically with Arri Mini and Broadcast Cameras.

It will handle larger beasts like the Arri Alex’s SXT but you are pushing it to it’s limits. For bigger heavier camera packages then we are better looking at other options which we can supply with the GF-9 .

Such as .

Egripment Hot Shot.

Aurora KFX.

A@C PowerPod Slider.

A@C Powerpod Gizmo Prime.