Grip Factory Munich, GF-9 , Camera Crane system.

      G-F-M GF-9 Crane :

A ‘Lightweight Cine Grip Crane’ from Munich, its build quality has to be seen to be believed and does not suffer from the whip and wobbles associated with jimmy jibs, it is far more suited to the more precise world of Film Drama and Commercial.

The Gf-9 comes with GF8 Dolly with Track wheels as well as solid rubber studio wheels and wide Pneumatic Tyre option. see the P.D.F for all the build options.

Camera Crane Scotland currently has  up to version 10 system (up to 31 feet 9.35M reach) that can get you up over (10.5m high 34feet.) however at this size the camera package would need to be very light if using the Aurora KFX remote Head for example. Other options such as the Gizmo Prime in two axis non stabilised mode are very light so could utilise the 31ft reach of the GF9 and still have an allowance for a reasonable camera package size of around 15kg. The gizmo has harmonic drive motors so will give extraordinary snooth and precise control .

For most situations involving the Aurora Head on the GF-9 the more usual working max reach is (28feet) 8.35M which is 5×1.5m sections on the front.

seen below filming plates for feature with the very excellent Flight head mini 3 stabilised remote head system.

Above showing the Aurita KFX remote system at 20ft11in reach with a full size Alexa package on track. This shit gives a great idea of the range of movement available.

Seen above utilising the 1m back end option. At 11ft 6″ reach.

The max front reach is  4 sections @6.85m(22′.6″) with a 1m short rear section end .

Some Recent Photos of that GF-9 crane out at work. It’s a versatile tool. That’s for sure. Its out working as a superior Jimmy Jib as well as an excellent old school style Grip department Crane utilising various Remote Head packages such as the Flight Head Mini and the excellent Aurora KFX . It’s Solid and dependable. seen above at 27′-9″ 8.36m reach with the aurora head and red camera with alura zoom…and below doing high speed work with a phantom 4K flex.

  • Camera Crane Scotlands GF-9 comes with the 3-way leveller mitchell head mount for attaching various choice of remote head, as well as the jimmy jib tube mount.The Excellent GFM vulkulan coated Track wheels come with the package allowing the crane to be mounted on standard gauge moy track and give smooth and steady performance on track.A G-F-M crane adapter plate to male Mitchell fitting is also part of the kit allowing the crane to be mounted on alternative dolly(s) such as the fisher hybrid or peewee, and allows the added benefit of being able to mount the crane to a moy plate mounted on anything or anywhere you like…The GF9 crane is marginally quicker to build and wrap than the jimmy jib, needing far fewer tools to assemble.There still needs to be ample time allowed in the shoot day (at least an hour) for build of the crane, longer for the bigger versions of the crane. and ample time allowed for the crane to be de-rigged at the end of the shoot period. the crane must not be assembled in a rush as safety is paramount when using heavy camera cranes.

    The policy for use of the Cranes at Camera Crane Scotland is that only experienced and approved specialist crane operators and technicians will be supplied to go out with the crane. this is not Dry Hire Equipment. there is always a minimum of 2 persons in charge of a crane on a shoot and ideally there should be 3 crew allocated to the use of the crane especially during shoot time.

  • Please Get in Contact for Further Details and Quotations