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Welcome to Camera Crane Scotland.

It is what it says on the tin. Camera Cranes based in Scotland

we supply the broadcast and film industry with camera crane solutions in Scotland , though we have ventured as far south as London and as far as county Roscommon in Ireland….. .

see below for technical details of the cranes we have.

Grip Factory Munich GF-9 crane.

If you need a Crane that goes beyond the capabilitys of the venerable jimmy jib then this is the beautifully Engineered answer from Munich.

Seen here working at the burrell collection with a 1m rear section and 4×1.5m front sections giving 6.85 metres of reach . it is achieving some precise filming with a C300 and Prime lens.

for full specifications of all the various modes the GF-9 Can be built to see the pdf. or go to the GF9 page for more info.


The Jimmy Jib.

The industry standard broadcast crane .

its been everywhere , its done that,its got the T-shirt.

Thats the Jimmy JIb. its well known robust and versatile.

Jimmy Jib  Specification.
Type: Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle
Dolly: Heavy duty, four wheel
Head:standard stanton and 360° Dutch rocker head, can do four complete revolutions

leveller: Heavy duty custom Ronford Baker jib mount, allows far greater uneven surfaces to be levelled and much quicker repositioning.  as well as increased safety factor over standard stanton leveller.

Monitor: Boland daybright HDsdi monitor 1500 cd/m2 brightness 500/1 high contrast monitor. excellent for framing the shot on the brightest of days.                                        (designed for helicopter use)

BON HI BRIGHTNESS high contrast  15″ HDSDI Jib monitor

Arm reach measures from pivot point to pivot point on the Jib arm

Max. Height:  

Extreme: 10.6m 33ft. reach of arm 9.1m 30ft

Other Modes: max height: then (reach of arm)
Standard: 13ft-3.9m (6ft- 1.8m)

Standard plus: 16ft -4.8m (9ft-2.7m)

Giant : 19ft 5.7m (12ft -3.6m)

Giant plus:23ft-7m (15ft-4.5m)

Super:25ft-7.6m (18ft-5.4m)

Super plus:30ft-9.1m (24ft-7.3m)

Pivot to centre of camera 200mm 8″


Max. camera weight:
50lb / 22.6kg @ 10m (33ft) reach.

60lb/ 27kg in standard and giant mode.


seen below on custom rough service Dolly.

makes for a much easier shoot day.


The policy for use of the Cranes at Camera Crane Scotland is that only experienced and approved specialist crane operators and technicians will be supplied to go out with the crane(s).  this is not Dry Hire Equipment.  there is always a minimum of 2 persons in charge of a crane on a shoot and ideally there should be 3 crew allocated to the use of the crane especially during shoot time.

Please Get in Contact for Further Details and Quotations